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MSM capsules: Effect and application at a glance

Methylsulfonylmethane – MSM for short – is regarded as the ultimate cartilage protector . However, the sulphur-containing natural substance has many other positive effects on the human body. The following article explains what these are and how MSM capsules work.

What are MSM capsules good for?

MSM has a wide range of effects. In general, the mineral sulphur is considered essential for cartilage, muscles, joints and connective tissue. The human body also needs MSM to produce enzymes, amino acids, hormones and many other substances.

But what are the benefits of MSM capsules in practice? The effects of MSM capsules include the following areas:

– Joints and cartilage

– Skin, hair and nails

– MSM capsules for weight loss

– Allergies

– dogs

MSM for joints and cartilage

The effect of MSM capsules is particularly appreciated for joint complaints . MSM is even used as a supplement for osteoarthritis. The protection of cartilage tissue is also not to be sneezed at. Sulphur also protects the muscles and can alleviate muscle pain.

MSM capsules are not only helpful in acute cases. They can also be very effective as a preventative measure. However, you should first try to cover your daily requirement with sulphur-containing foods. Only if this does not work should dietary supplements be used.

Common sources of sulphur in the daily diet include dairy products, fish and meat as well as some pulses and vegetables such as broccoli and kale. Nuts are also full of MSM and are therefore highly valued when it comes to healthy joints, muscles and cartilage.

MSM capsules for hair, nails and skin

Some people have reported how MSM affects the hair or skin. Fingernails can also benefit from the dietary supplement. Common symptoms of a sulphur deficiency are brittle hair and nails as well as dull skin. It is therefore not surprising that taking MSM capsules can have a positive effect.

MSM can boost the production of collagen and elastin. Both substances are very important for hair, nails and skin. In the skin, for example, collagen is characterised by elasticity and resilience. It also makes nails firmer and supports their natural growth. Collagen also has a positive effect on the hair. It becomes firmer, does not break off so quickly and has more lustre.

MSM capsules for weight loss

Sulphur is essential for various metabolic processes. MSM is particularly important for burning calories. This is because the more active the metabolism is, the more calories are processed.

In particular, people who have already changed their diet and exercise regularly but have not yet noticed any effects may suffer from a sulphur deficiency. In this case, taking MSM capsules can help you lose weight.

MSM capsules: Effect on allergies

Some people have also found that MSM capsules have an effect on allergies. A significant improvement in allergy symptoms is said to be possible within the first few days. These include allergic rhinitis, breathing problems or watery eyes.

MSM capsules for dogs and cats – is there any experience?

Not only the human organism has a need for MSM – dogs also need the mineral. MSM can be used especially if the four-legged friend suffers from arthritis, arthrosis and inflammation.

As the dosage and intake are somewhat different from those for humans, it is advisable to consult a specialised veterinary surgeon at this point. They can provide detailed information on the subject.

Another pet that is happy to receive MSM is the cat. It can be easily absorbed via the digestive tract and enters the bloodstream particularly quickly. MSM is also found in the natural environment of cats. It strengthens the body of our four-legged friends and protects the cells and the immune system. It also has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and digestion. And claws, fur and skin are cared for.

Studies have shown that MSM capsules are also effective against allergies in pets. An extra dose of MSM can alleviate discomfort in sensitive four-legged friends who have problems during heavy pollen counts, for example.

Cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure – interesting studies on MSM

MSM is also said to be able to help with cancer. A study focussing on the regeneration of cells has shown that MSM can inhibit cancer growth by enriching the blood with oxygen. This is because cancer cells do not feel comfortable in an oxygen-rich environment. However, MSM can by no means be described as a cure. Detailed studies and tests are still needed to investigate its long-term effect on cancer.

Diabetics also benefit from the effect of MSM capsules. MSM increases the body’s ability to produce its own insulin. This means that injections of insulin are no longer necessary or can be significantly reduced.

Sulphur is also said to be able to lower blood pressure. This is because the mineral promotes the body’s own production of an enzyme that is effective against high blood pressure.

Do MSM capsules have side effects?

There is usually no cause for concern with natural MSM capsules. Various experience reports that deal with the effect of MSM capsules show that side effects hardly ever occur. An overdose is also not possible.

Nevertheless, there are groups of people who should be cautious, as MSM capsules have not yet been sufficiently tested in studies:

– Pregnant women

– breastfeeding women

– Children and adolescents under the age of 18

– People receiving treatment with coumarin anticoagulants

Even though MSM capsules are safe, the recommended dose should be observed. according to the FDA – the US Food and Drug Administration – 4.8 g per day is considered safe. In Germany, MSM is only permitted as a food supplement if the amount contained does not exceed 50 mg per day. However, the situation is different for food supplements.

The correct intake of MSM sulphur capsules

When taking dietary supplements, you should always adhere to the recommended dose. It is also advisable to take MSM capsules in the morning on an empty stomach for optimum effect. Can MSM capsules also be taken with coffee? In fact, even coffee alone naturally contains MSM – but only a small amount. The combination is therefore generally considered safe. Nevertheless, experts recommend taking MSM capsules with a large glass of water.

And how long should you take MSM capsules? If the body has a sulphur deficiency, a short-term intake is not very promising. It may even be necessary to take MSM capsules permanently, especially in cases where a deficiency is caused by abnormalities in the body such as illness. However, such matters should always be clarified individually with a medical specialist.

MSM capsules in a test: how do you find a suitable product?

Nowadays you can buy many products – including MSM capsules – online. This has the great advantage that ordering is much less complicated and quicker. However, it has also made it somewhat more difficult to find high-quality products. This also applies to foods containing MSM.

It is important that it is natural MSM. This can not only be better absorbed by the body, but also better processed. Kingnature only offers products with natural ingredients.

In addition, you should always be aware that dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced diet. MSM capsules are only a supplement and do not replace the intake of sulphur-containing foods such as fish, meat and pulses.

MSM caps ules often consist of more than just pure MSM. Some contain other substances that create a marvellous interaction. This allows nutrients to be better absorbed or to work more effectively. Examples of this are vitamin E, glucosamine, chondroitin or manganese.

Conclusion: dietary supplements with MSM have a wide range of effects

From skin and hair to cartilage, joints and muscles through to complex metabolic processes – sulphur is needed in every part of the body. MSM capsules have an excellent effect as they can compensate for a possible sulphur deficiency. It is important to buy high-quality food supplements containing MSM that are as natural as possible. Then MSM capsules can unfold their full effect!