About kingnature

Kingnature AG develops, produces and sells food supplements, functional foods and cosmetics of excellent quality. As an owner-managed company, we attach great importance to natural cultivation and gentle processing of scientifically tested vital substances. All products are developed and manufactured in our own production site in Switzerland.

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Our vision

Imagine you and your family are in peak physical condition, visits to the doctor are unheard of, you are full of joy and all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled. Naturally, our products by themselves cannot achieve this but as a company, we strive to get you as close to this ideal, as possible. It goes without saying that our products alone cannot fulfil these dreams, but as a company, we would like to assist you in coming close to every area of your life. More than 50% of severe diseases are avoidable and thus preventable with proper healthy nutrition.(1)

Our principles

We value every person, irrespective of origin or culture, as created and loved by God. Thus our interpersonal relationships with customers, suppliers and authorities are based upon respect, honesty, empathy, reliability and competence.

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Our quality

We select our raw materials carefully and manufacture our products to the highest possible standards. We also ensure that any kind of information, advice, training and education, given to our customers is top quality.  We have in-house expertise in micronutrients and strive continually to expand this knowledge base with on-going professional training. Our customers will hopefully be excited by the results of using our products and tell their friends about us.

Our mission

Our greatest desire is to see our customers in health, in body, soul and spirit, yet understanding the scientific context of our product is as important as taking the capsules. Many healing forces can be found in creation; physicians and practitioners are only assistants.