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Natural supplementary feeds from Switzerland

Our supplementary feeds enhance the food of your four-legged favorite in case of special needs. In our animal assortment we offer products with Artemisia annua and CBD from the hemp plant. They are available in the form of capsules, granules or oil. The main ingredients in the products come from Swiss cultivation and the raw material is processed gently in Switzerland.


Artemisia for pets in different versions.

If you want to support your pet through nutrition, you can use, for example, the supplementary feeds Artemisia Shot, Mini or Pet. Artemisia Shot is available as granules in a stick, Artemisia Pet and Mini as capsules for larger or smaller animals.

Artemisia is an annual plant. It grows to a size of over 150 centimeters as a bush in summer. Even in temperate climates, Artemisia thrives excellently. Available are more than 300 species. The subspecies used for supplementary feeds has been used as a substance in Chinese medicine for 2,000 years.

What are the ingredients that make up the supplementary feed Artemisia?

Research on this plant has come a long way. In the leaf tips of Artemisia there are more than 240 different plant substances of secondary rank. They contain, for example, artemisinin and other polyphenols. The plants used for the supplementary feed belong to the genus Artemisia annua and are grown organically. The cultivation takes place in Switzerland.

In addition, harvesting and processing are done manually. Only dried leaf tips are used, which supports the high quality of the supplementary feed. Artemisia is a special cultivar that contains over one percent artemisinin. This makes these products even more valuable than the conventional Artemisia annua.

What can Artemisia annua do?

Artemisia annua contains a stable chemical peroxide, artemisinin. If iron ions are present in particularly high concentrations, for example in certain cells, artemisinin becomes unstable. It splits into two aggressive elements. These can quickly kill germs or unwanted cells, such as plasmodia or bacteria.

Artemisia supplements have several advantages:

they are easy to dose and ingest
they are available as granules or capsules
the supplement has a slightly sweetened coating, which makes it easier to swallow and is not bitter
sticks and capsules can also be fed on the go
the plants come from organic production
only the dried leaf tips are used, lignified elements, stems and the like are excluded
the special cultivation contains many physiologically important plant substances

Keep in mind that supplementary feeds must not be fed permanently on their own to ensure species-appropriate nutrition of pets. They are only an enrichment of the complete feed and in combination can enhance positive properties. If you have any questions about Artemisia products, please feel free to contact us at any time so that we can advise you on them. To do so, please contact us.

Go to our website to discover the various supplementary feeds and get detailed information about them. In the product descriptions you will find the respective details about Artemisia Shot, Artemisia Mini or Artemisia Pet. Then select the product you want and support the nutrition of your pet.