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Swiss Made

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Swiss Made

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Artemisia Mini (pet food)

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Artemisia powder from Swiss organic cultivation. Feed supplement for animals. 144 capsules with 300 mg dried leaf powder each. Only the leaf tips of the Artemisia plant from organic cultivation are used. Especially small capsules, which are good to swallow especially for smaller animals. Net content 51 g.

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Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) is effective!

Contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Contributes to less post-meal rise in blood glucose levels due to the intake of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose during a meal.

Super herb! Leaf powder made from dried leaf tips of organic Artemisia annua from Swiss special breeding (for the little ones).

Small Artemisia capsules with interesting plant substances

The Artemisia plant has long aroused the interest of scientists. To date, well over 200 different species have been identified in its leaves.

Artemisia from Swiss organic cultivation

We use Artemisia plants from Swiss organic cultivation. They are carefully harvested by hand and gently processed.

We only use the dried leaf tips and no stems, woody parts and the like.

How does Artemisia work?

The annual mugwort (Artemisia annua) has been used in China for 2000 years to maintain good health.

What is Artemisia Mini used for?

The health claims that are possible for a food supplement such as Artemisia Mini and its ingredients are precisely defined by law. We must not go beyond this, even if Artemisia plants were to have scientifically confirmed physiological properties. Make up your own mind with an internet research.

Artemisia of the best quality

We use Artemisia annua of selected quality and only use the leaf tips, which are particularly rich in nutrients. Our plants are organically grown in Switzerland and come from a special breeding program. The leaves are carefully harvested by hand and gently dried.

Advantages of Artemisia Mini

  • With Artemisia annua from organic cultivation (see organic certificate)
  • We do not use stems, woody parts etc. but only the dried leaf tips

Info about Artemisia Mini

Artemisia Mini Bio contains 144 capsules with 300 mg each of dried, ground leaf tips of the Artemisia plant from organic cultivation. Net content 51 g.

Bio-Label: kingnature ist bio-zertifiziert.

Artemisia Mini is organic

Artemisia Mini is certified organic. All ingredients come from organic farming (link to organic certificate).

Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland in Wädenswil on Lake Zurich: Artemisia Mini is Swiss Made.

Consumption recommendation

Administer throughout the day:
Animals up to 10 kg: 2 capsules per day
Animals up to 20 kg: 4 capsules per day
Animals up to 30 kg: 6 capsules per day
Animals over 30 kg: 70 mg per kg body weight per day

Vegan capsule shell

In the mixing process, the raw materials are micronized, i.e. they are crushed to a particle size of approx. 60 micrometres without being heated. We only use vegi capsule shells made from plant-based material (HPMC) without gelatine. Artemisia Mini uses capsule size 1.

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General information

Store in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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