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Swiss Made

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Swiss Made

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More Vitality for me

Supplements, natural cosmetics and sports nutrition.

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Talina relies on kingnature

Meet our ambassadors

New: Protect Energy Protocol

For the psyche, nerves and immune system

OPC Geschenkbox, Naturkosmetik

More vitality for me

Discover vital substances now

Pure natural cosmetics

Something really good for me and my skin

We make your life easier and have put together product bundles for you on various health topics. Let yourself be inspired by what could be the right thing for you personally.








Our Best-Sellers

These are products that are currently very popular with us. Take a look at our top sellers!

Nutritional Supplements

Natural Cosmetics

Sports Nutrition

Supplements for animals

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We can rely on numerous satisfied customers. In the following videos, end customers, therapists and brand ambassadors share their enthusiasm for our vital substances.

Alissa Koenig

Triathlete Alissa Koenig reveals her favourite product from kingnature.

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Talina Gantenbein

Cross skier Talina Gantenbein likes Omega-3 Vida, Vitamin D3 Vida and Magnesium Vida.

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Niklas Postel

Ice hockey crack Niklas Postel relies on NADH Vida, Magnesium Vida, and Amino Vida.

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Brand Ambassadors

We are proud of our brand ambassadors from the fascinating world of sport. We are delighted to accompany up-and-coming and established top athletes as well as entire sports teams on their journey and naturally strengthen them with specific sports nutrition.

Meet our ambassadors


Alissa König

NHL Crack
Captain of the Nashville Predators

Roman Josi


Talina Gantenbein

Everything about us

This is kingnature.


Uncompromising high standards of quality. Processing of raw materials with a love for detail and by hand. No synthetic ingredients, sweeteners, preservatives, dyes, additives, or anti-caking agents.

Swiss Made

From the founders to the development, production, and distribution locations, to the cultivation of selected raw materials: at kingnature, everything is “Made in Switzerland”!

Pure Nature

The inherent natural power of nature instead of synthetic ingredients. Products free from sugar, colorants, preservatives, or the like.


Committed since 2011 and in close cooperation with doctors, therapists, researchers, and scientists in the field of vital substance medicine.

Wide Range

Approximately 70 scientifically tested, plant-based solutions for prevention and therapy. Constant optimization and launching of new products based on the latest findings.

Genuine Commitment

Personal care and fair conditions. Social responsibility and environmental protection beyond Swiss borders. Support for athletes and clubs. Any profits are reinvested in research and development.