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Natural products to maintain the immune system

Our immune system is a highly complex and sensitive marvel! It consists of a closely cooperating network of various organs and highly specialized immune cells that protect us at all times from pathogens and harmful substances, but also eliminate the body’s own cells that are damaged or degenerate. Various hormones and countless microorganisms of our microbiome on the skin and in the mucous membranes (especially in the intestines) also make their important contribution to the immune system and our health. Many factors are important for a smooth functioning of the immune system, such as nutrition, exercise, psyche, stress management, sleep, relaxation and much more. Also various micronutrients or special microorganisms can have a positive influence on the immune system and support it in its functions.

Immune System

The immune system is our defense system. It makes sure that bad invaders such as fungi, “bad” bacteria, parasites and viruses are fought and toxic substances are eliminated before they cause damage to the human body. It also protects the body from dangerous cellular changes. It neutralizes and recognizes environmental pollutants that are in the air, for example. Without the immune system, we would not be able to survive because pathogens would enter our bodies unfiltered. The immune system is a complex interaction of different organs, cells and proteins.

The immune system is activated when so-called antigens dock onto the receptors of defense cells. Antigens are structures or substances that are recognized by the immune system as foreign. In most cases, the immune system recognizes the need to fight and various cell processes are now started.

In addition, the immune system has the amazing ability to store the information about the respective pathogens, i.e. the antigens. In the event that the same type of pathogen tries to invade the body again, the immune system knows to react faster the next time.

Innate and acquired immune defenses

A distinction is made between the innate and acquired immune systems. However, these do not function separately, but are in close cooperation, as are so many processes of the human body.

The innate immune system has the main task of warding off pathogens in general, recognizing and warding off harmful substances and germs that could have a negative effect on bodily functions. The acquired immune system is the “creator” of the so-called antibodies. The acquired immune system remembers pathogens with which it has already gained experience and then builds up its defenses with the help of antibodies. It can then react faster to the next disease of the same type, it is expandable and adaptable. The immune system involves organs such as bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, tonsils and the intestines.

When the immune system is weakened, you notice it by “taking” flu illnesses, colds and other infections faster. The body feels exhausted and may take longer to heal.

However, every individual can do a lot to strengthen the immune system. A varied diet with plenty of vitamins, freshly prepared food, and minimizing industrial products and sugary foods are essential to ensuring that your immune system functions at its best. In addition, lack of sleep and stress damage our defenses in the long run. It is therefore worthwhile to incorporate phases of relaxation and recuperation into your daily routine, especially when it is flu season or you already feel weakened. Regular exercise, especially in the fresh air, is also a real boon for our immune system.

In addition to sufficient rest, a healthy diet and exercise, you can also strengthen your immune system in its complex processes. Kingnature has a wide range of herbal and scientifically proven vital substances that can have a positive effect on your immune system. One example that you can use to boost your immune system is Immuno Vida. The product consists, among other things, of lactic acid bacteria and vitamin D.

Vitamin D strengthens the normal function of the immune system. The lactic acid bacteria contained in Immuno Vida are a boon for a well-functioning intestinal flora. This performs an important part of the work of our defense system.

In the online store of Kingnature there are also numerous other herbal products that have a positive effect on the immune system. For example the Oregano Vida, Vitamin D3 Vida or the Vitality Shot. Browse the online store to find out more.