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Natural Ubiquinone Products from Switzerland

Coenzyme Q10 occurs in the body in two different chemical forms. As ubiquinone and as ubiquinol. Ubiquinone is the fully oxidized form of coenzyme Q10. Both forms of Q10 are important for the body’s energy balance. However, in order to obtain cellular energy, ubiquinone must first be converted by the body into ubiquinol.


Ubiquinone, also known as coenzyme Q10, is a vitamin-like substance normally found in the human body. Found throughout the body, Q10 is mainly found in the heart, liver and kidneys, and pancreas. In small amounts, the substance is taken in with food, such as in meat and seafood.

What is ubiquinone?

An enzyme is a small molecule that catalyzes (causes or affects) a chemical reaction. One of the most important components of an enzyme is an active subunit called a coenzyme. A coenzyme is a molecule that helps an enzyme perform a chemical reaction. To function, a coenzyme requires the presence of an enzyme. Coenzyme Q10 was discovered in 1959 and can be produced in a laboratory. The name Q10 refers to the chemical composition of the substance.

How does ubiquinone or coenzyme Q10 work?

Coenzyme Q10 is an important substance needed for the proper functioning of many organs and chemical reactions in the human body. It helps to provide energy to the cells. In addition, Q10 appears to have an antioxidant effect.

Coenzyme Q10 is used by some people with heart failure to improve heart function. It is also known to be used for chest pain (angina), gum disease, certain muscle disorders, and hypertension. The active ingredient is also used to prevent migraines, Parkinson’s disease. However, further scientific research is needed to confirm the effect of Q10 in many other diseases.

Studies have shown that ubiquinone probably does not help to increase athletic performance. Some people believe Q10 may help with nerve problems in conditions such as diabetes or migraines. Others take it to find help with muscle or nerve problems caused by a lack of ubiquinone.

Are there side effects to taking ubiquinone?

Ubiquinone is available to take as a capsule, liquid, or tablet. In either case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and suggested dosage. Inform your doctor beforehand, especially if you have any existing medical conditions or allergies.

Although not all side effects are known, ubiquinone is considered safe to take in healthy adults. Known side effects include nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, diarrhea, skin rash, and low blood pressure.

Get medical help if signs such as labored breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat occur. Stop taking it if you experience low blood pressure, dizziness, or the feeling of fainting. Regular monitoring of blood pressure is recommended during the period of use. Two weeks before a planned surgery, stop taking Q10.

What precautions should be taken when taking coenzyme Q10?

Always check with your doctor before using any natural product. Some supplements may not be compatible with certain medications. Taking Q10 may interfere with some laboratory tests. Talk to your doctor before having a test. Special care should be taken when taking medicines that thin the blood. Check with your doctor if you have any of the following problems.

  • heart problems
  • High blood pressure
  • diabetes

Avoid using ubiquinone with other supplements that can also lower blood pressure. These include andrographis, casein peptides, cat’s claw, fish oil, L-arginine, lycium, nettle, or theanine.

Q10 should not be taken when using the following medications or agents:

    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • Medicines for high blood pressure
    • Vitamins, especially A, C, E, or K
  • Medicines against cancer
  • Blood thinners

Still have questions?

This information is intended to supplement, not replace, the advice of a physician. Not all possible uses, interactions and precautions can be listed here. Read through the information on Q10 Vida or browse our range. If you need more information, contact us or your family doctor. Before you start taking it, you should always seek medical advice.