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Products with Swiss chokeberry berries

Originally native to the forests of Canada, the dark purple, almost black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) is now also widely grown in Europe. The “super berries” also thrive very well with our organic Aronia farmers in Switzerland. They deliver a good harvest every summer, which we process into our Aronia products. The numerous positive properties attributed to chokeberry berries make them more and more popular.

Origin and appearance of chokeberry

Due to its durability and strength, chokeberry plants have completely arrived in Germany within a short time. The plant is hardly susceptible to diseases and can withstand very frosty winters. Temperatures up to -35 degrees, it quite manages. This makes the berry so popular and easy to care for that it can now even be found in private German gardens. It is recognizable mainly by its splendid white blossom in May and the small, dark purple berries between August and September. In addition to the particularly intense color, the berries are also characterized by their fine-tart, tart taste. It usually lasts even in small quantities, so that the addition of chokeberry can give a certain kick to many dishes.

The effect of the dark berry in the body

Aronia berries are full of antioxidants that can support the immune system. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. It has become famous mainly because of its high vitamin C content, which beats even that of lemons and other citrus fruits. Other important vitamins are B2 (also known as riboflavin), B9 (folic acid), E, K and provitamin A. The fruit’s main minerals include potassium, calcium, iodine, zinc and iron. The numerous vitamins and minerals only support the natural defenses of the body. The entire organism is supplied with important nutrients and strengthened. Since a fit body also has a positive effect on our mental well-being, the berry indirectly supports the mental state.

Flavonoids are biologically active compounds that are so-called radical scavengers. This means that they destroy unwanted radicals in the body and thus counteract oxidative stress. Taken regularly, aronia berries and products based on them are also practical dietary supplements. They are tasty and can be easily integrated into the diet. With all these ingredients and effects, it quickly becomes clear why the chokeberry fruit falls under the category of “Super Food”. It is a real all-rounder and also adds a delicious, individual touch to dishes.

Aronia’s versatility – discover products with the Super Food

Since aronia berries bring a high content of valuable ingredients even in small quantities, it does not take much to refine a dish with it. Even the intense flavor is rarely lost completely. Aronia berries are versatile and easy to process. You can find products like Aronia Vida and the Aronia Shot in the online store to give your immune system a boost. Or how about chokeberry chocolate? With this you will not only please your body, but also your soul! Browse the products by “Aronia” and find goods to your taste. Click on a product that interests you to learn more about its ingredients and to order it!