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Natural L-threonine from Switzerland

L-threonine plays an important role in the immune system; it is needed for the formation of antibodies and supports a healthy function of the thymus gland (formation of defense cells). Furthermore, L-threonine is an important building block in protein metabolism and contributes to the formation of enzymes as well as hormones. L-threonine is also involved in the biosynthesis of vitamin B12 and the amino acid isoleucine.


Amino acids can be divided into essential and non-essential. The latter can be produced by the body itself, but the essential ones cannot. These must be consumed with food. This is important because proteins are formed from amino acids. And proteins, in turn, are important for our tissues and cells. For example, for the muscles. Thereby, each tissue has its own patterns regarding the amino acid.
Threonine is one of the essential amino acids and is important for elastin, collagen and dental tissue. It also plays a major role in the nervous system, liver function and fat balance. Thus, threonine can prevent the formation of fatty liver. In addition, threonine is the basis of isoleucine.
If the intake of threonine is too low, signs of fatigue and tiredness may appear. Therefore, it is important to regularly ensure sufficient intake. In order for threonine to develop in the body, it is also necessary to take in enough vitamin B3, B6 and magnesium.

Why threonine is so important for the human body

Threonine is therefore an important building block for various proteins in the human body and forms the substance for teeth and bones or for our ligaments and tendons. Mucins also contain a lot of threonine. These proteins are important for the mucous membranes and form a protection against too strong acids, which can burden the stomach, but also protect against other substances.
Threonine is also important for antibodies. These proteins are very important for the defense reaction and are usually present in altered form. Here, a sugar residue is still present. In this way, the antibodies can function well.
Threonine is found in fish and meat. It is also found in nuts, soybeans and peas, and in not insignificant quantities.

What is special about Amino Vida?

If you want to provide yourself with additional amino acids, you can choose Amino Vida, for example. It is a product of high quality. Contained are nine crystalline, free and very pure amino acids, which are optimally combined for our body.
The amino acids are made from plants such as legumes. This means that the ingredients are extracted and fermented. They contain no additives and are vegan. In addition, Amino Vida is virtually calorie-free and is ready in the body within a short time. You want to purchase amino acids? In this case, Amino Vida is well suited, especially for people who want to better supply their body. Especially athletes often choose this product.
In Amino Vida the eight essential amino acids are available. In addition, the semi-essential amino acid arginine is also included. Essential amino acids are important for our body, because it can not produce them alone. This means that a supply from the outside via food is necessary. Since arginine is semi-essential, it can be produced by ourselves, but sometimes this production is no longer sufficient. This is possible, for example, during growth phases, old age, strong physical activity or illness. In such cases, additional supplementation can be helpful.

High proportion of amino acids present

Amino acids are components of proteins, but are not considered as such because they have already been broken down. The long-chain compound is missing. That is why Amino Vida is suitable for all people who have an increased need.
When is it recommended to take it? During high physical or athletic exertion, as well as during vegan or vegetarian diets. Likewise, it can be helpful to use the product during diets or for additional intake of essential amino acids.

What are the properties of Amino Vida?

Amino Vida has an optimal combination of the eight essential amino acids. These are also known as EAA, which stands for Essential Amino Acids. L-threonine also belongs to these. Furthermore, the semi-essential amino acid L-arginine is included. It can be formed by the body, but sometimes not in sufficient form. The protein building blocks are present in the product in hydrolyzed form.
This means that they are available in small and short, individual building blocks and not in a long form. This means that they can be better absorbed by the intestines and are available more quickly. Because it is in hydrolyzed form, Amino Vida may also be good for people with liver and kidney problems. It contains almost no calories, because ten pellets have only 0.5 calories. 99 percent of the utilization of Amino Vida is for the benefit of muscle building.
Amino Vida produces only one percent nitrogen waste. In contrast to other protein sources, this value is low.

Amino Eight with eight amino acids

On the other hand, Amino Eight can also be a choice for you if you want to order amino acids. With this product, you can take all the essential amino acids. Only L-tryptophan is not present. Very pure, crystalline and free amino acids are available in Amino Eight, which is produced mainly for people who are not allowed to consume L-tryptophan due to certain occasions.
Amino Eight is a supplier of essential amino acids in optimal combination for human nutrition. Only tryptophan is missing. Therefore, it can be consumed by people who should not consume high amounts of L-tryptophan due to metabolism.
Amino Eight is similar to the product Amino Vida. However, there is one difference, which is the absence of L-tryptophan. Therefore, in percentage terms, a little more of the other eight amino acids are available. Competitive athletes who want to consume more than 16 pellets per day could be oversupplied by Amino Vida. Amino Eight was therefore designed for these individuals.
Here, too, the amino acids originally come from legumes. Therefore, they are not only vegan, but come without additional substances. Amino Eight provides with optimal patterns. There are almost no calories, moreover, the amino acids are ready quickly. This is the reason why Amino Eight is ideal especially for athletes who want to do without tryptophan for certain reasons.
More precisely, Amino Eight contains seven essential amino acids. In addition, the semi-essential amino acid arginine is included in the product. If this can no longer be produced in sufficient form under certain conditions, support through additional intake is sometimes useful. So if you are exposed to extraordinary stress or are very active, this may be possible.
Have you already informed yourself in detail about Amino Vida and Amino Eight and are you interested in buying these two products? On our website you can get more details about the supplements.