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Swiss Made

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Swiss Made

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Balance Vida

£ 39.40

£ 39.40

Balance Vida

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Supports the normal function of the thyroid gland, contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to normal mental function. 120 capsules each containing 400 mg phenylalanine, 100 mg tyrosine, 30 mg roseroot, 30 µg selenium and 10 µg vitamin B12. Net content 79 g.

Strength lies in rest: To support the thyroid gland and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Maintain your inner balance

The ingredients in Balance Vida can help you to maintain your inner balance – in addition to a balanced diet, sufficient sleep and exercise and the reduction of personal stress factors. Balance Vida contributes to normal thyroid function thanks to selenium and to the reduction of tiredness and normal mental function thanks to vitamin B12.

The importance of the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland plays a central role in the hormonal system and is crucial for maintaining balance in the body and overall health.

Developed with Prof. Dr. Elmar Wienecke

Balance Vida was developed in close collaboration with the sports scientist and regulatory physician Prof. Dr. Elmar Wienecke and based on his practical experience. Wienecke is the founder of “SALUTO Gesellschaft für Sport und Gesundheit GmbH”, which develops holistic energy concepts for athletes, people in prevention, rehabilitation, managers and people under stress, among others.

Life is a balancing act

Our intense lifestyle with all its daily challenges can throw us off balance. We feel drained, tired and lacking in energy. Moments of balance become important at this point, e.g. a healthy, balanced diet rich in vital substances and regular sporting activities that are fun. Reducing stressors, getting enough sleep and rest, as well as joyful experiences and activities are also conducive to achieving a normal inner balance and equilibrium. Balance Vida with its exquisite ingredients makes a complementary contribution to this.

Ingredients in Balance Vida

L- Phenylalanin and L-Tyrosin

Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. The human body cannot produce it itself, but must absorb it through food. From phenylalanine, our body can then produce other amino acids such as tyrosine and ultimately many different proteins. This also includes a large number of hormones and neurotransmitters.

The WHO recommends a daily intake of 25 mg phenylalanine and tyrosine per kg body weight in the diet (or as a dietary supplement)1.

1 Protein and amino acid requirements in human nutrition: report of a joint WHO/FAO/UNU expert consultation. Geneva 2007, S. 150, Link.

Rose root

Rose root (Rhodiola rosea) thrives without problems in barren, harsh and cold areas. Its name comes from the rose scent of the grated root.


Selenium has many functions in the human body. Among other things, it contributes to

  • normal thyroid function
  • normal function of the immune system
  • to protect the cells from oxidative stress

Vitamin B12

We need vitamin B12 for various bodily functions. Among other things, it contributes to

  • a normal energy metabolism
  • normal function of the nervous system
  • normal psychological function
  • to reduce tiredness and fatigue

Supplementing with vitamin B12 can be beneficial if you are on a strict vegetarian diet, but especially if you are vegan, as the vital vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal foods.

Benefits of Balance Vida

  • Contributes to normal mental function, the functioning of the nervous system and the thyroid gland
  • Developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Elmar Wienecke
  • Selected raw materials of the highest quality
  • Careful manufacturing in Swiss production facility
  • Vegetable capsules made from HPMC
  • Vegan capsules

When is Balance Vida suitable?

A supplement with Balance Vida is particularly useful

  • to maintain normal thyroid function
  • to maintain normal mental function
  • to reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • as a contribution to normal energy metabolism
  • for athletes

Info about Balance Vida

Balance Vida contains 120 capsules each with 400 mg L-phenylalanine, 100 mg L-tyrosine, 30 mg rose root, 30 µg selenium and 6 µg vitamin B12. Net content 79 g.

Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland in Wädenswil on Lake Zurich: Balance Vida is Swiss made.

Nutritional valuesfor 3 Capsulesfor 1 Capsules
L-Phenylalanine1200 mg400 mg
L-Tyrosine300 mg100 mg
Rose root extract90 mg30 mg
Selenium (Selenit)90 µg (163% *)30 µg
Vitamin B1218 µg (720% *)6 µg
* = Nutrient reference values (NRV)

Consumption recommendation

Take 3 capsules daily with plenty of water.

Vegan capsule shell

In the mixing process, the raw materials are micronized, i.e. they are crushed to a particle size of approx. 60 micrometres without being heated. We only use vegi capsule shells made from plant-based material (HPMC) without gelatine. Balance Vida uses capsule size 00.

Available in your pharmacy/drugstore

Balance Vida is also available in your pharmacy or drugstore .

Balance Vida data sheet

You can find a lot of product information in the Balance Vida data sheet.

General information

Food supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet, fresh fruit and vegetables and a healthy lifestyle. Keep cool, dry and out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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