Origin of the ingredients

Transparency is important to us. That’s why we disclose where our raw materials come from.

Origin – Raw Material
Origin – Capsule
Amino Vida / Amino Eight USA / Switzerland Switzerland
Aronia Hand Cream Switzerland – Thurgau Switzerland
Aronia Chocolate
Switzerland, Cocao Africa Switzerland
Aronia Shot (Sticks) Switzerland – Thurgau Germany/Switzerland
Aronia Vida Switzerland – Thurgau Belgium Switzerland
Artemisia Cream Switzerland – Fribourg Switzerland
Artemisia Mini Switzerland – Fribourg Belgium Switzerland
Artemisia Vida Switzerland – Fribourg Belgium Switzerland
Caye Vida Switzerland – Fribourg Belgium Switzerland
Coffea Vida Switzerland / France Belgium Switzerland
Eisen Vida Europe Switzerland
Emu Oil Australia Switzerland
Feet Protection Cream Switzerland Switzerland
Fleximove Europe Switzerland
Hot Shot Sports Cream
Switzerland – Fribourg Switzerland
Kurkuma Vida India / Switzerland Belgium Switzerland
Krill Vida Antarctic Netherlands Netherlands Switzerland
Magnesium Vida Europa Belgium Switzerland
Moringa Vida India / Benin Belgium Switzerland
Morus Vida (Mulberry Leaves) Laos Belgium Switzerland
MSM Vida Germany Belgium Switzerland
Mysterio PET Switzerland / India Belgium Switzerland
NADH Vida Austria Austria
OPC 24 Day Cream Switzerland / Europe Switzerland
OPC 24 Night Cream Switzerland / Europe Switzerland
Oregano Vida Europe Switzerland
Pollen Vida Schweden Belgium Switzerland
Probiotic Vida Germany Germany
Q10 Vida Germany/Japan Germany Germany/Switzerland
Salvestrol Vida 2000 England England
Salvestrol Vida 350 England England
Toxaprevent Germany Germany
Vino Vida Italy Belgium Switzerland
Vitamin D3 Vida Germany/South-East Asia Switzerland
Vitamin K2 Vida Italy Belgium Switzerland