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MCT oil: effect, application & buying tips

Coconut oil is considered healthy – especially when cooking. However, many people are still unaware that coconut oil can even be used as a dietary supplement. It is better known as MCT oil. What does MCT oil do, why should you take MCT oil and what benefits can it offer?

What is MCT oil?

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. This means that MCT is a compound of three medium-chain fatty acids and one molecule of glycerol. The fact that the fatty acids are medium-chain is particularly important. This is how the positive effect of MCT oil is achieved.

MCT oil itself is extremely rare in nature. However, there are a few sources that naturally contain MCTs. These include coconut oil, ghee and goat’s milk. Most MCT oils on the market are obtained from coconut oil. The advantage of this is that the oil is a good source of the immune-boosting lauric acid.

Pure MCT oil is characterised by the fact that it consists of caprylic acid and capric acid. The ideal ratio is as follows:

– 70 % caprylic acid

– 30 % capric acid

The basic advantage of MCT oil

MCT is water-soluble, which is a great advantage. This is because it does not require bile acid for digestion. This means that it simply takes a shortcut and travels from the blood directly to the liver.

This is very different from long-chain fatty acids such as omega 3, which require bile acid in order to be metabolised and digested. Bile acid is responsible for the body being able to absorb the fatty acids via the cells of the small intestine.

How quickly does MCT oil work? MCTs are metabolised much faster. This means that energy is available to the body more quickly. Of course, this varies from body to body. The first effects can usually be seen after just 15 minutes.

MCT oil: diverse effects on the body

MCT oil is so popular because it has a wide range of positive effects on the body. Both health , well-being and performance can be improved with MCT oil. Some people also take the oil to lose weight.

MCT oil effects at a glance:


– Intestine

– Skin

– For losing weight

More performance thanks to MCT oil

The effect of MCT oil on the brain should not be underestimated. It helps to improve performance – both in thinking and in sport. This is because MCT is quickly converted into cellular energy . It also has a high energy density.

The brain consumes around 50 % of a person’s daily energy requirements. The body needs ketones and glucose as basic energy sources. The sugar level in the brain must be kept stable over a long period of time. Then you benefit from optimal cognitive functions.

It is primarily the caprylic acid in MCT oil that plays a role in this. It mainly forms ketones, which pass through the blood-brain barrier and provide the brain with the necessary “fuel”. The blood sugar level is not affected, which is why MCT oil is able to supply the brain and body with energy over a longer period of time .

MCT oil for a good mood

You are what you eat. This also applies to your mood. MCT oil is said to have a positive effect on your mood . Since the brain is largely made up of fatty acids, this is not at all surprising. In fact, the brain needs to be regularly supplied with fatty acids so that we can think clearly. And because the energy stores are replenished at the same time, you feel fit and balanced. MCT oil can therefore have a positive effect on the psyche.

Better nutrient absorption with MCT oil

The intestine is an important organ. It plays an important role in many functions in the body – including the immune system and metabolism. MCT oil has an impressive effect on the gut: it helps to keep the intestinal flora – i.e. the good bacterial strains in the gut – in balance . The oil also supports the absorption of essential nutrients. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements can therefore be processed much better by the body if MCT is available. The body is not able to absorb some nutrients without the intake of healthy fats. MCT oil should therefore be integrated into every healthy diet in some form.

The effect of MCT oil on the gut can be manifold:

– Improve digestion

– Improvement of energy consumption

– Improving the absorption of nutrients

Lower blood sugar thanks to MCT oil

Anyone suffering from diabetes should also look into MCT oil and its effects. MCT increases the number of ketones in the body. It therefore lowers blood sugar in a natural way. The fatty acid also stabilises blood sugar, which can be particularly beneficial for diabetics. This can reduce inflammation and increase brain activity .

Skin care with MCT

The effect of MCT oil can also be seen on the skin. It is used externally and not internally. Some people even use it to remove make-up, as it not only removes make-up but also cleanses the skin.

In general, many people notice softer skin and fewer blemishes. MCT oil has the property of not clogging the pores and counteracting bacteria. In addition, there are hardly any known side effects or allergies, meaning that MCT oil can be used on most skin types without any problems. It is even frequently recommended for itching and scaly skin rashes. MCTs can also be used to promote wound healing .

Losing weight with MCT oil

MCT oil has also proven to be very effective when it comes to losing weight. This is because MCT can suppress fat deposition through thermogenesis and fat burning. Incidentally, the effect of MCT oil on pets such as dogs is also not to be sneezed at: It is precisely this effect that is also good for four-legged friends.

MCT oil creates a feeling of satiety and at the same time can increase the basal met abolic rate. The basal metabolic rate is the body’s consumption of calories that it needs to carry out its functions.

MCT oil or coconut oil can therefore have a great effect: You don’t have to be too fussy about your carbohydrate intake if you want to lose or maintain your weight.

MCT oil as a natural antibiotic

MCT oil is said to have an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect. It is said to be able to partially or even completely deactivate pathogenic viruses. Unlike synthetic antibiotics, however, MCT oil does not attack all bacteria in the body indiscriminately. It can differentiate between good and bad bacteria, which makes it much better for the whole organism. Nevertheless, you should consult a specialist if a doctor advises taking conventional antibiotics and never use MCT oil yourself as a substitute.

Use of MCT oil

The effects of MCT oil are manifold. But how should MCT oil be used to maximise its benefits?

There are food supplements containing MCT that can be used to optimally supplement your own diet. MCT oil is either taken directly or stirred into smoothies or yoghurt. MCT oil also works well in a salad dressing.

When using it, care should be taken to slowly increase the dose. One teaspoon a day is a good start. Then you can slowly work your way up. However, depending on the food supplement, six teaspoons is the recommended maximum.

There are also food supplements with MCT for animals on the market. They are suitable for dogs or cats, for example, and are simply sprinkled on their food.

Buying MCT oil: What consumers should look out for

Which MCT oil is the best? This question is asked by many people who want to see the benefits for themselves. Many people recommend organic MCT oil, as it is said to be the most effective.

In any case, it is important to take high-quality MCT oil. It is also best to combine caprylic acid with capric acid. These fatty acids are the ideal complement to each other and enhance their respective properties.

Kingnature offers high-quality, natural food supplements that the body can absorb and process well. As they are made from selected ingredients, they are well tolerated.

Conclusion: MCT oil has a wide range of effects

MCT oil, such as that found in coconut oil, has a very versatile effect. It is therefore highly valued as a supplement to a healthy and balanced diet. Be it the brain, skin or digestion – MCT oil is suitable for anyone who wants to benefit from its health effects.