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Drain the body: Get rid of water retention effectively

Water retention often leads to discomfort or even shame for those affected. They can look unsightly and can also be very painful. It is therefore worth draining the body regularly. The following article shows which home remedies help and what you should bear in mind.

Why is it useful to drain the body?

Water retention occurs when fluid builds up in the tissue. An alternative term is “oedema”. The ankles, legs, stomach, fingers and face are particularly frequently affected. Basically, however, water retention can occur in any part of the body – even in organs.

Those affected feel swollen and may notice swollen or puffy areas. The skin around the oedema often feels taut. In some cases it is also warm and painful.

Oedema reduces well-being and looks unsightly. But that’s not all: if left untreated, water retention can lead to serious complaints. If the body is not drained, this can pose risks to health.

Nevertheless, the question arises: When should the body be dehydrated? Firstly, a quick all-clear: in many cases, the body regulates itself. However, tips and tricks can help to speed up this process. However, those affected should avoid tablets that are designed to radically dehydrate the body. These should also only be used under the supervision of a doctor. Even if tablets to drain the body are available over the counter, you should be careful with them. Foods and home remedies that naturally dehydrate the body are more suitable. It is important to reduce the intake of sodium and increase the potassium content of food. Even healthy people are advised to dehydrate their bodies. Gentle drainage methods are essential here. These can increase well-being and improve body image. Draining the body often also helps with weight loss.

However, if you have symptoms, you should urgently consult a doctor. Self-experimentation without professional guidance can quickly lead to risks.

What does it mean to drain the body?

Draining the body means flushing water and minerals out of the body. The cells in the tissue that have accumulated water should lose fluid. The purpose of this is, on the one hand, to remove painful and swollen areas of the body. On the other hand, it is intended to prevent oedema.

Important: There is no guarantee that home remedies designed to drain the body are really able to do this. After all, there are many different factors that play a role. Every body is individual and so are all illnesses.

How does water retention occur?

There is water in the blood vessels. This circulates there and is transported into the cells. There is therefore more fluid inside the cells than outside. However, the water can escape and enter the vessels and from there reach the tissue layers. This is how water retention occurs.

Slight water retention is not immediately recognisable. Only when they become larger can oedema be recognised in the form of swelling. Healthy people very rarely have to deal with this type of water retention.

Draining the body – these home remedies help

Diet is a big part of draining the body. However, there are other tips that can help. Can home remedies help with draining the body?


Sufficient exercise is important for many processes in the body. It is also advisable for drainage. Loose endurance training is best. Cycling and swimming are ideal as they do not put a lot of strain on the joints and move many parts of the body. In order to help the body to drain water, it is advisable to do light endurance training three times a week for around half an hour.

It is also worth integrating exercise into your everyday life. It helps to take the stairs more often instead of the lift. And if you have been sitting for a long time, you should get up regularly and stretch your legs briefly.

Alternating showers

Alternating showers stimulate blood circulation , strengthen the circulatory system and improve the immune system. This involves alternating hot and cold showers. The cold water causes the blood vessels to contract. The hot water causes them to dilate. This improves the transport of tissue fluid and makes it easier for the body to drain itself.

Targeted stimulation of the lymphatic system

Stimulating the lymphatic system as well as the liver and kidneys can help the body to drain itself. A foot reflexology massage can be helpful here. It is important that this massage is carried out correctly. It is therefore advisable to see a specialist.

Lymphatic drainage can be the right treatment for severe and, above all, painful oedema. The tissue is worked on very gently and the lymph channels are stimulated. But here too, it is essential that this type of treatment is only carried out by a professional.

What you can do yourself at home, however, is to stimulate the lymph channels using a fascia roller. This can also activate the body’s own drainage mechanisms.

Don’t drain the body radically or too quickly

If you want to drain the body, you may be inclined to take radical measures in order to see quicker results. However, this is strongly discouraged. If you drain your body radically, you will bring it to an extreme state. And especially if you also cut out salt completely, this can be detrimental to your health.

Dehydration should therefore always be gentle and slow . If you are unsure, you can consult a doctor or other experts. In this way, strategies can be found with which healthy drainage is possible.

Drinking to combat water retention

It may sound like a contradiction at first. But drinking a lot also helps against water retention! This encourages the body to excrete excess fluid naturally. However, it is not only water that has a draining effect. The focus here is particularly on dehydrating teas. But which tea is draining?

Herbal teas are particularly helpful here. Teas made from the following herbs are advisable for draining the body:

  • Nettle

  • Juniper

  • Dandelion

  • Peppermint

  • Birch leaves

Gesundes Obst und Gemüse liegen nebeneinander

12 foods that drain the body

It is also possible to dehydrate the body through diet. Particular attention is paid to alkaline recipes. These contain 12 foods in particular, which are presented below.


The artichoke tastes delicious, is considered a medicinal plant for digestive problems and is also said to have a detoxifying and draining effect on the body. It also contains the bitter substance cynarin. It stimulates bile activity, aids digestion and protects the liver. It also helps to drain the body. What’s more, the artichoke is a low-calorie vegetable that is rich in manganese, phosphate, iron and vitamins A, B and C.


Asparagus is a vegetable that boasts numerous minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and copper. It also contains a lot of folic acid. However, the protein building block asparagine is responsible for the dehydrating effect. It stimulates kidney activity and can therefore dehydrate the body.


Pumpkin has a diuretic and draining effect due to its high potassium content. In addition to potassium, it also contains plenty of iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and phosphorus. The vegetable also provides B vitamins, vitamin E and C.


Cucumbers are particularly low in calories. They provide potassium, iron, vitamin C and vitamin K. Cucumbers have a diuretic effect as they contain minerals that can regulate the body’s water balance.


The high potassium content of fennel also helps to dehydrate the body. The vegetable with the distinctive flavour not only has a diuretic effect, but is also an important source of vitamin C.


In addition to vitamin C and phytochemicals, tomatoes also contain potassium and lycopene. The latter has an antioxidant effect and is said to protect the heart and eyes and prevent ageing processes. Potassium is also responsible for the dehydrating effect of this vegetable.


Courgettes help the body to meet its fluid requirements as they consist of up to 90% water. The vegetable is said to have a dehydrating effect, strengthen the immune system and stimulate digestion. Courgettes are also said to have a positive effect against high blood pressure. Thanks to the bitter substances it contains, it can also stimulate liver and bile activity.


It is mainly the red berries that are said to dehydrate the body. This is due to the flavonoids – the plant colourings they contain. They are able to thin the blood so that excess fluid can be removed more easily .


Lemons are not only full of healthy vitamins, but also alkaline fruit acids. The body can break these down and convert them into carbon dioxide and water. In this way, only the alkaline minerals in the lemon remain and the lemon helps to de-acidify the body. On top of this, the lemon accelerates the elimination of excess water along with harmful substances and toxins. It can therefore also dehydrate the body.


The enzyme bromelain, which is found in pineapple, inhibits the tissue hormone bradykinin. As a result, water retention can be reduced.


In addition to vitamin C and calcium, watermelon provides plenty of potassium – a mineral that is known to have a diuretic effect on the body.


In addition to all the fruit and vegetables, rice is also worth mentioning. It also contains plenty of potassium. So-called rice days are therefore recommended. If you want to dehydrate your body quickly and healthily, you should include one or two of these days a week. Incidentally, this also helps you lose weight!

If you want to dehydrate your body, you should avoid alcohol and excessive amounts of salt. Both only encourage water retention and can also have a negative effect on the body in other ways. Caffeine can also slow down the dehydration process. Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not a dehydrating food.


There are many ways to dehydrate the body. You should always bear in mind that severe oedema always requires medical advice. Minor water retention, however, can in many cases be combated with home remedies and the right diet. It is also worth draining the body in general to prevent severe oedema from occurring in the first place.